Tip For The Weekend: Prague Design Week 2020

The design show marked by a spirit of sustainability is taking place until September 6th, with 77 designers from the Czech Republic and abroad “going green” across two floors of a historic building in Naměsti Republiky.

Visitors will experience a variety of design types, including painting, clothing, jewelry, wooden products, glass and paper products, and traditional crafts, along with innovative new design solutions.

Projects this year include unique woodwork designs from Eva Pechova, Evista Design, and the Woodcock restoration studio, and production of special protective clothing against knife attack made from 100% degradable materials, named Time for Protection.

In addition to the show itself, visitors can enjoy delicious refreshments at Elbi Coffee and a rich accompanying program of design workshops and lectures.

From the very beginning, Prague Design Week has been dedicated to introducing visitors to the creative processes behind designs. Visitors this year will experience exciting design concepts and learn about the processes which make them a reality.

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