Tiffins By Nebu: New Delicacy in Prague

tiffins by nebu

Tiffins by Nebu is a new restaurant that serves modern Indian cuisine.

Tiffins can be found in Makro Stodulky, and their first opening for takeaways took place this past Sunday on the 28th March.

Tiffins is operated by the same people from the Nebu restaurant, an Asian/Indian fusion restaurant founded by Sunil. Their menu boasts a diverse array of dishes, and they even serve pizzas and tacos. Customers can order online or pick up their order from Tiffin’s HQ.

Tiffins is accessible on Bolt Food as well, if you want a quick grab and taste at their delicacies. You can also order their food by clicking here.

Tiffins was conceptualized by Nebu-owner Sunil, a businessman passionate about food, fashion, and art.

Sunil moved to a house in Nebušice, which is where ‘Nebu’ comes from and decided to open his own restaurant after missing the taste of high-quality Asian and Indian food, that he felt he just couldn’t really find here in Prague.

The restaurant was an impulsive decision as I’m a big-time foodie and restaurants are a passion”, he says.

Tiffin’s menu reflects Sunil’s wish to share his culture’s cuisine here in Prague, with menu items like the classic Masala, Biriyani, Naans, and there are options for children and vegetarians as well.

There are some unique dishes awaiting to be tasted, such as the ‘Beef Tenderloin Curry’ in the Nebu specials, pizza and tacos with Indian fillings, masala tikka with ricotta and garlic, octupus in a Spicy Kerala curry and the new malai chicken tikka wasabi.

Tiffins at Makro have the great opportunity to use the vast warehouse of fresh food and ingredients from Makro.

Prague Morning invites you to try out their exciting dishes, and now’s just the time since Easter weekend is just around the corner.

Lastly, checking in on Tiffin’s parent restaurant, Nebu has decided to close its stand at Manifesto Market, but you can still find Nebu at Nebušice and Makro Stodulky.

tiffins by nebu


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