Tibetan PM in Exile Welcomed in Prague

The mayor of Prague has welcomed the prime minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile and presented him with the symbolic key to the Czech capital.

Zdenek Hrib told Lobsang Sangay at a ceremony at Prague’s Old City Hall Wednesday he wants show solidarity with the Tibetan people, saying they were “were deprived of freedom in the most brutal way” 60 years ago.

Prague officials also decided this week to fly again the Tibetan flag on the Tibetan national uprising day.

China says Tibet has been part of its territory for centuries. Many Tibetans, however, insist they were essentially independent for most of that time and have accused China of heavy-handed rule since the country’s army battled its way into the Himalayan region in 1950.

No Czech government members plan to meet with Sangay.

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