Three Prague Museums for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Article by Vita Cafnik, pre-school teacher at Cherry Tree, an English-speaking preschool in the heart of Vinohrady.

If you are looking for ways to spend some good quality intellectual time with your kids, you can prepare your monocles and get your mustache-twisting fingers ready, as we have visited some of Prague’s museums, and found three wonderful gems, that are a joy for the whole family.

Prague truly has a lot to offer culture-wise, and amongst countless museums and galleries, here are just a few that caught our attention. So if winter months give you the blues, let these places bring some color into your world.

National Museum of Agriculture

National Museum of Agriculture mastered the art of making its exhibitions fun for the whole family. With its interactive nature and playful science, it will charm the pickiest of visitors.

The museum is worth visiting for the beautiful rooftop garden alone, and the picturesque view of the Prague that surrounds it, however, I would not recommend missing a single exhibition, as each one offers a unique and fascinating view into one of our most important inventions.

You can look forward to a journey through stories of agriculture, forestry, gastronomy and food industry, gamekeeping, and fishing. Exhibitions portrayal some of humankind’s most important activities, by opening up new perspectives on the relationship between humans and nature – A tale as old as time. 

Prague National Museum

This place has something to offer everyone! From the collection of precious stones to the important composers of history, from the life of ancient times to the era of dinosaurs, everyone can find something that interests them! Each floor of the museum, which manages to fascinate you with the beauty of its interior design, is full of charm.

Who wouldn’t want to experience the feeling of wandering around the Savannah under a gigantic whale skeleton? Mammoths of the Ice Age, dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, monkeys of Madagascar… Everybody is here!

This glorious museum, located in the heart of Prague, is worth seeing even just for the breathtaking panoramic view of the city on the top floor. So next time you’re in the neighbourhood, take a stroll around (pre)history and have a whale of a time.

National Technical Museum

A child or a senior, I can hear everyone who walks in here say “wow”. We are sure that the magnificent ground floor exhibition, which welcomes you when you follow the corridor leading from the box office to the back, will appeal to everyone.

While you get the opportunity to learn the stories of automobiles and motorcycles, arranged in order of their arrival onto the stage of history, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the old and new planes hanging over you. No doubt even the Wright brothers would have gasped at that sight!

It is worth mentioning that you will also have the chance to see high-wheeled bicycles, the nostalgic atmosphere of this place will warm your heart. Offering the opportunity to examine almost every technical field from mining to space studies in the exhibition halls on its numerous floors, this museum will take you on a remarkable ride around the world of technology.

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