Three Museums in Prague Have Joined Forces to Enter a Brighter 2021

Gallery of Steel Figures, Illusion Art Museum, and Museum of Senses have joined forces to create a unique offer for everyone, valid throughout the entire 2021 year.

In these challenging times, we all face the importance of getting together and supporting each other. The three museums demonstrate that by joining forces, we are stronger together.

Here is our offer: a combo ticket offering a unique opportunity to visit the three museums throughout the entire year with a discount of over 50%.

The management of all three museums have created a special offer for all available tickets. The family ticket will be available for the discounted price of 900 Kč in total (original price for family tickets to all three museums was over 2.000 Kč) and the single combo tickets for adults, students, and seniors will be available for the total price of 450 Kč.

For the purchase of those limited edition tickets please visit any of the following websites for online purchasing:;; or visit the cash desk of any of the mentioned museums.

The purchase of these tickets will be available till the end of December 2020 with a usage validity till the end of the year 2021.

The management of the respective museums, Mr. Andrej Bartík from Gallery of Steel Figures, Mrs. Lidija Kovarik from Illusion Art Museum, and Mrs.Bartowski from Museum of Senses, has stated:

“We guarantee that our visitors will thoroughly enjoy their time in all three museums. With the offer presented by the unique combo ticket with over a 50% of discount, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to have fun while exploring our unique exhibitions, and a great head start with a smile on to the new year. We look forward to giving our community more affordable access to our museums, so that everyone can experience them at least once in their life.”

“Since we believe that sharing is caring, we have also created a combo ticket in the form of a gift voucher for your loved ones and as an offer to companies, guaranteed fun that will bring families, friends, and co-workers closer together.”

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