Thousands Attend Open-Air Techno Party in Benešov

Two thousand people have been gathering from Friday night at a techno party at Hlaváček Lhota (Benešov region).

“The open-air event is being held on private property with the owner’s consent”, said police spokeswoman Lucie Nováková, “so it cannot be considered illegal.”

Techno lovers are being closely monitored by the police.

According to Nováková, the party started on Friday evening. “Since Friday evening, Central Bohemian police officers have been monitoring the place, directing traffic on the driveways,” added Nováková.

More than half of the participants left today afternoon. According to the police, about 800 people are still raving, a quarter of them are foreigners.

“The place is also monitored by a helicopter of the Czech Police Aviation. Until now, police officers have not had to deal with any serious disturbances of public order,” said the police spokeswoman.

According to Lenka Sladkovská, mayor of Ješetice, the situation is very unpleasant. “I’m dealing with the situation here, but I’m not going to give any interviews at the moment.”

Events may still be organized with up to five sectors with 500 capacity each, technically raising the limit to 2,500. The sectors must be completely separated from each other, including a separate entrance. Outdoor events will be limited to 1,000 people.

The Czech Republic reported 281 cases of the new coronavirus on Friday, the largest one-day increase since the end of June, bringing the country’s total to 15,081.

From Monday, July 27, the public will be required also to wear a face mask in pharmacies and medical facilities, “where it is not always possible to maintain a two-meter distance from other people”, the Czech government said in an update on its website. Masks will not be compulsory on trams, trains, or in shopping centers.

Photo: Policie CR
Photo: Policie CR
Photo: Policie CR



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