This Weekend in Prague: Signal Festival, Pumpkin Exhibition, Palm Off Fest

Do you already know where to go this weekend? If you are still wondering, we have some tips for interesting experiences in Prague.

Signal Festival 2022
Thursday 13 October to Sunday 16 October, various locations

The streets of Prague will once again be lit up by art installations. This year’s annual program is busier than ever. The largest gallery zone, live performances, lectures, workshops, new locations, new collaborations. Enjoy the culture in the city’s backdrop for yourself and visit the prepared installations.

The Shockproof Film Festival
Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October, Prague 3

The festival encompasses everything in cinema that is outside of the realms of mainstream or run-of-the-mill. Each year we present a fine selection of the most outstanding, impressive, overlooked, ludicrous and bizarre in horror, extreme, action, gore, camp, B-, C- and even X-rated movies.

Pumpkin exhibition in the Botanical Garden
Friday 14 to Monday 31 October, Prague 7

The most colourful time of the year is here and with it the traditional pumpkin exhibition. In the Botanical Garden, pumpkin arrangements will be inspired by Celtic culture and the festival of Samhain, from which Halloween was born. You can also look forward to creative workshops for children, pumpkin games for all generations and a Halloween celebration.

Palm Off Fest
Friday 14 to Wednesday 26 October, Prague 8

An international meeting of Central European theatres will take place at the Pod Palmovkou Theatre. This year’s edition is subtitled We Want Something Different!, which frames the common theme of all the productions and also the theme of discussion on contemporary events not only in culture.

Artists will bring productions from Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Finland and Slovakia. The program will also include an exhibition of Polish theatre photography, a discussion with the artists and a thematic discussion at the Palm Off Studio.

Open Workshop Festival
Saturday 15 October, Prague 5

Come to Smíchov Embankment to try your hand at crafts from carpentry, mosaic to blacksmithing, basting or car repair. Engage your creativity with painting, floristry or bookbinding. Maybe something will catch your eye and you will find a new hobby for the long winter evenings!

Recycling Weekend ONLINE
Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October

Offer your end-of-life electrical appliance to the National Technical Museum’s collection. And you don’t even have to take it anywhere, because the traditional event is held online, just take a photo and a curator will assess the item. If it is not suitable for the NTM collections, at least they will advise you on how to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

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