This Weekend: Beer Festival in the Botanical Garden

Beer lovers will gather in the Prague Botanical Garden this weekend! The festival’s program features several concerts, workshops for children and a cooking show on Saturday. The vendors will also offer refreshment and lemonades.

These breweries will participate in the festival:

  • Historický pivovar z Českého Krumlova
  • Počernický pivovar
  • Kamenice nad Lipou
  • Uhříněves
  • Spojovna
  • Němý medvěd
  • Trilobit
  • Strašák
  • Zbraslavská koza

About the Botanic Garden

In the Botanic Garden, you will find a tropical greenhouse with exotic plants, open-air expositions divided into Japanese Garden, wetlands, Ornamental Garden, North American prairie etc. 

Open-air expositions cover an area of nearly 25 hectars. It is almost like a fairy-tale. You are walking on a beautifully maintained path and suddenly you are in the Japanese Garden. The garden will be a wonderful experience, especially in the spring. The next moment will transfer you to the Mediterranean Basin and Turkey and later to the North American semi-desert. You can encounter special statues of prehistoric animals on your way. 

More information here

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