This Thursday: Facebook Live With Prague Chef Discussing the Future of Restaurants

Prague Morning is bringing you another new webinar session in cooperation with Prague Integration. This time we host a live Q&A session with Tomáš Jiskra, Head Chef of Svět Medúz with who we will briefly discuss the future that awaits Prague’s restaurant scene due to COVID-19. 

The session will take place on May 14th, 2020 Prague Morning FB page:

Many of us have seen the effects two months of lockdown has imposed on Prague restaurants, closing doors to customers, firing stuff, and in the worst case completely shutting them down.

What kind of changes can we expect and what can Prague food lovers expect when they finally dine out with their friends and family. Are changes gonna continue even year after?

We have also seen the strong and recognizable tourist restaurants offerings have completely disappeared from the old town square, leaving owners and staff in unpredictable and financially worrying situations.

We are now witnessing the growth of online ordering and contactless delivery at your door, a response from restaurants coping with the restrictions.

In this live Q&A session we will discuss with Tomáš, from his point of view, what we can expect in the next few months, in terms of regulations, distancing, and safety whilst dining at our favourite restaurants.

We are taking your questions for Tomáš which he will address during the live session, so if you would like to participate, please fill out the google form here

Tomáš is 30 years old passionate Prague based chef with international experience in London and Jersey. He is currently running 3 different hospitality projects as Head Chef at Beers and cheers, Sportklub171 on the outskirts of Prague Jesenice, and latest, Svět Medúz.


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