This Sunday: Brazilian Brunch at Gran Fierro

This Sunday, November 13th don’t miss out on the South American Brunch hosted by Gran Fierro.

A month ago Chef Pablo surprised everybody with the Venezuelan Brunch and this time Chef Jordan will be in charge of bringing Brazilian delicacies to Prague.

Gran Fierro is known as an Argentinean steakhouse, but it has been offering Latin American dishes since it started.

So there are a few foods on the brunch menu this Sunday that you won’t find anywhere else such as the “Milho cozido na manteiga de garrafa” (corn with ghee butter).

For more details and menu visit the event on Facebook

Here’s what you can get: 

  • Welcome drink:  “Caipirinha” – Cachaça cocktail

Finger food:

  • “Pão de queijo” – Baked tapioca cheese bread
  • “Kibe” – Deep-fried beef croquettes and bulgur wheat
  • “Romeu e Julieta” – Halloumi and guava slices
  • “Coxinha” – Chicken and cheese croquettes
  • “Tapioca Recheada” – Crepe type made of yuca hydrated yuca
  • “Bolinha de queijo” – cheese croquettes

Main Dish:

  • “Feijoada” – Black bean stew brewed with a variety of selected smoked pork and beef meat. Rice, orange, yuca flour, and curly cabbage
  • “Caldo verde” – Potato soup/cream with curly cabbage
  • “Carne seca com aipim” – Dry meat with yuca, ghee butter
  • “Corações de Frango” – Chicken hearts with garlic and spices

Salad Bar:

  • “Salada de feijões” – Bean salad with ham or bacon pieces
  • “Milho cozido na manteiga de garrafa” – Corn with ghee butter
  • “Banana Assada” – Baked banana (plantain) with butter, cinnamon, and sugar


  • “Bolo aipim com coco” – Dense and moist cake from fresh cassava and coconut
  •  “Pudim de leite” – Flan
  • “Quindão” – Flan with coconut


  • From 11.30 – 15.00
  • Price is 975 CZK / person
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