This Saturday the Žižkov Tower Will Blast Off on its Mission to the Moon

After 50 years from the first flight to the moon, Apollo 11 will start again, this time the launch will be broadcasted and shown in the Žižkov Television Tower in Prague.

Arrive on Saturday, July 20 (or Sunday, July 21) at 10 pm to Mahler Park and track the successful rocket mission using video-mapping, which will replicate the actual start of the US crew flight on July 1969.

The event Moon 50: Back To The Moon commemorates the complete space mission – the launch of the rocket, time the astronauts spent on the Moon and their splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. Accompanying the program will be the introduction of every Apollo mission- From JFK’s historic speech in 1961 until the last flight to the Moon in 1972.

This unique event in Prague is also happening on a worldwide scale. It came together absolutely spontaneously, from the initial excitement of a few friends who wanted to celebrate this landmark occasion in human history.

Launch of the Žižkov rocket will also repeat at the same time on Sunday, July 21st.


  • 17:45: Incredible and moving documentary about a young Jewish boy who in a concentration camp imagines himself on the moon and which he draws. His pictures now Orbit in space. (Kind thanks to director Sandra Dickson for approving the screening.)
  • 19:00: Jakub Rozehnal – Director of Planetarium Prague, Prof. Petr Kulhánek – popularizer of astrophysics, Jan Spratek from the European Space Education Resource Office and other important guests. Interviews are accompanied by the Prague Film Orchestra
  • 22:17: Flight of Apollo 11 to the Moon. Video mapping on the Zizkov Tower.
  • 22:30 Movie screening
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