This Saturday: Music Open Air Festival in Vitkov

Where else can you enjoy a spectacular view and stylish electronic music with the sunset than on this dominant rising over Prague?

The full-day Sound Open Air festival will take place on May 18 right next to the  National Monument of Vítkov. Announced international headliners are Roumex, Dean Demanuele, and Joyce Muniz.

ROUMEX is a rising name within Germany and Europe and unites the genres of Techno and Deephouse. The integration of orchestral instruments is a  crucial element of their live show.

Dean Demanuele is from Malta and in the last years headlined in the most famous clubs and festivals around the world. Dean has made that jump to what everyone looks for in an artist, unique music and control over the whole audience.

Joyce Muniz is a Vienna-based, Brazilian Dj, vocalist, and producer, who is currently one of the leaders of a new undefined musical style which fuses European club sounds with tropical rhythmic influences from Brazil, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean, while built on a solid foundation of percussion and heavy bass.

The stage will be located where Cafe Vitkov is situated. All visitors of this party will have access to all outdoor parts of the memorial, including Jan Žižka’s statue so you can still enjoy the sunset.

VIP ticket benefits:

– access to VIP terrace with the best view

– own classic toilets

– own bar without queues

– own entrance without queues

– access behind the DJs

– access to VIP sections at the afterparty in Mecca club (first of all it is necessary to buy a general admission ticket to afterparty)

Fb event to the afterparty in Mecca club 

You can buy your ticket here 

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