This Playground in Prague Has Unique Objects from 1961

The playgrounds from our childhood don’t exist anymore. Technical specifications have been drastically changing our surroundings.

If you find an exception, you will be filled with happiness. The playground Kaštánek (The little chestnut) in Stromovka park was designed by recognized sculptors Olbram Zoubek and his wife Eva Kmentová in 1961 and is also an open-air gallery.

The historical residential buildings nearby and Prague’s “Central Park” make the place remarkable. The playground consists of a climbing tower, eight low climbing frames, and four climbings bars made of scaffolding pipes. 

Most of the concrete parts were painted white. The small plastic geometric details are framed by rich colors – red, blue and yellow. The whole concept is simply picturesque.

The playground was sensitively restored for the first time in 2017 with the assistance of Olbram Zoubek. 

Today, it is considered important proof of the artistic feeling of the early 1960s when this period allowed more freedom in the creation of art on playgrounds than in the galleries. It is not common to find such preserved art in public places.

I took the photo in freezing weather and appreciated that I could absorb the atmosphere completely alone. Otherwise, it is always full of children.


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