This German Brewery Gives Away Unsold Beer Due to Coronavirus

A brewery in central Germany has given away thousands of liters of beer for free after a decline in sales due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Rather than throwing it away, the owners of the Willinger brewery, in the western state of Hesse, decided to dish out the light and dark beer free of charge.

Owner Franz Mast said he needed to empty the tanks as soon as possible to fill them up again with fresh beer and be ready for when bars are allowed to reopen.

“We also want to thank people, and we hope they are as supportive once we reopen, that they come here, recommend us,” Mast told Reuters Television of the freebie promotion.

Willinger’s had initially planned to distribute 142 gallons of beer, but thirsty customers drained the stock within hours.

In a Facebook post, the brewery said it ran out of beer by the afternoon on Thursday, but vowed to have more bottles ready for the next giveaway on Tuesday — albeit with a limit “of three bottles per person.”

The brewery said they hoped their generosity would be repaid by thirsty customers when they were again allowed to open.

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