This Christmas, Give the Gift of a Meter of Czech Beer!

Looking for a unique gift for that Czech (or non-Czech) beer drinker in Prague? How about a meter’s worth of beer?

At Ambiente’s ever-popular chain of Lokal restaurants, a new meter-long gift voucher offers recipients exactly one meter of beer.

How much beer is in a meter? The meter-long voucher holds markings for every centimeter, and counts off one beer for every 11 centimeters.

Stood back-to-back, that comes out to exactly nine glasses of beer in Ambiente’s classic Pilsner mugs (well, technically, it comes out to .99 meters worth of beer).

The voucher can be had for 531 crowns, and is valid for one year from the point of purchase.

You can purchase the meter-long voucher from Ambiente’s e-shop, which also offers more traditional gift vouchers in amounts of your choosing to Lokal and other Ambiente restaurants.

You can also book a spot at Lokal’s Beer Tapping school, where barman Lukáš Svoboda will teach you how to serve traditional pours like Hladinka (half brew and half foam), Šnyt (two-fifths beer, three-fifths foam), and Mlíko (almost all foam).

One of the top-rated local restaurant chains often praised for their traditional Czech dishes and fresh Pilsner, Lokal has locations in Prague in Old Town, Malá Strana, Kunratice, Karlín, and above Stromovka Park, along with Brno and Plzeň.


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