This App Helps to Find Parking Spaces in Prague

Free Citymove app calculates the best route, enables different means of transport to be booked and helps to find parking spaces in Prague.

The app – developed by ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab – finds and compares various modes of transport – walking, bike-sharing, taxi, and public transport. The app also enables to book and pay for the ride right from the app.

And if you decide to go by car, Citymove enables paying for on-street parking as well.

Following a free download, available for Android and iOS, the user just has to set up an account to book any of the services. E-bikes are paid for directly using the credit card details saved in the account, taxi rides are settled in the car and the text message tickets for urban traffic will be included in the phone bill.

The new Citymove app also promises easy and efficient parking in Prague’s city centre. From now on, drivers can use it to find parking spaces and zones, as well as pay their parking fees by credit card via their phone.

You can also pay for parking in shopping malls, parking houses and P + R car parks. The user can check the number of free spots and the price for parking before entering. Payment is made before leaving the parking lot by scanning the QR code from the parking ticket or copying its code.

Citymove has currently 20,000 users who can access services through Facebook, Google or e-mail and now even more securely on the iPhone through Apple Sign-In.


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