Expats Next Door: Cameron and Ross

Prague’s first Detroit-style pizza makes a welcoming and sought after appearance in the city. 

Third Coast Pizza– a pop up business specialising in the unique Detroit style pizza makes its way to Prague- leaving their customers with the taste for wanting more! 

Founded in May 2021, owners Cameron and Ross began their business as a pandemic project during lockdown, which later turned into a business which they are both passionate about today.

The spark for Third Coast Pizza came during this time when Ross decided to give it a go with his love for hosting dinner parties, cooking new recipes and getting creative in the kitchen.

Using traditional cooking methods and high-quality ingredients, they began to make a unique style of pizza- traditional to Detroit, Michigan in the United States.

Detroit-style pizza is a thick, pan-style square-cut pizza with a crunchy, cheesy ring of crust that’s fluffy on the inside and overflows with different ingredients. Like most rectangular pan pizzas served in America, Detroit-style pizza is a variation of the Sicilian pizza.

Their creativity is showcased in the flavours that are produced at every pop-up. Some favorites include Tiberian Sun, a chicken pizza in a delicious buffalo sauce, and The Blazing Bull, a barria pulled beef pizza topped with pico de gallo.

Every pop-up, Third Coast presents new and innovative flavours inspired by all cuisines and cultures. Cameron says “anything you can think of trying on a sandwich, we’ll try!” 

Third Coast Pizza

With each pizza, the preparation process is a carefully articulated one. The dough is fermented for 100 hours, and every pizza has to rise for 6 hours before being cooked. Each pizza is then handcrafted with their unique toppings and then topped with 5 different kinds of cheese.

Each pop up there will be a selection of five exciting flavours to choose from, two of which are their staples- a margarita with their signature cheese blend & San Marzano sauce as well as a pie with Czech sourced Pepperoni with a twist in the form of pineapple and jalapeno. a just cheese & signature tomato sauce and a Pepperoni- as well as three unique and interesting flavour combos that typically are topped with less traditional and creative ingredients. 

Many ingredients used in their pizzas are locally sourced, and the owners have built a connection with the small local Czech businesses that supply them with their stock. “It’s important for us to show our appreciation and source locally,” says Cameron, as they state they wouldn’t be where they are today without the support from the people of Prague and local businesses.

“Our time slots generally sell out in hours, which is amazing to see for such a new business,” says Ross, which shows the excitement and appreciation the people of Prague have for new businesses with exciting products. “All the people and business we work and partner with make this possible”. Specifically, Ross and Cameron want to thank Peter’s Apartment, Mozzarellart, U Kurelu, Wingz, Cheese House, Take Eat EZ.

Third Coast Pizza

Third Coast wants to introduce Prague to a new style of pizza which is not traditionally found here. The fusion of the Detroit style and the locally sourced ingredients found in Prague bring a new addition to the city- which proves to have many fans time and time again. 

Third Coast Pizza’s upcoming cook is this weekend (or date) at Lya Beer Cafe in Prague’s Vrsovice and the following cook will be at Peter’s Apartment on Saturday 2nd of April. Third Coast Pizza’s next pop-up will take place on Saturday 12th March in Lya BeerCafe in Prague’s Vrsovice neighborhood. Their fresh new menu is available via their Instagram, along with the option to preorder for future cooks to buy tickets to come along! 

Fans prove to love their pizza, and come back time and time again to see what they have to offer next! 

Check out their Instagram for updates on menus, events, and more exciting news! 

Third Coast Pizza


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