“They Are a Threat!” Prague 2 to File Criminal Complaint Against Lime

The management of Prague 2 will file a complaint against Lime, the company of electric scooters, due to a violation of conditions. They want the Town Hall to cancel the scooter memorandum. Lime rejects the criticism, stating that they do not break the rules. The scooter regulation is also supported by Prague 1.

The dispute between the Town Hall and the company has lasted for several months, and Prague 2 banned their operation on its territory. The Town Hall has been worried about those people that use the scooters, ride along the sidewalk and also leave them at inappropriate places. Based on an agreement, Lime divided the territory of Prague into green and red zones; the red zone blocks the scooters.

“Lime did not submit any of the required documents. Instead, they restricted the red zone in Prague 2 only to náměstí Míru and its immediate surroundings, Folimanka, Vyšehrad, Havlíčkovy, and Hlavní nádraží. It will continue to operate with the ‘borrow and throw’ system without respecting the requirements of the city district” said Deputy Mayor Jan Korseska (ODS).

Last year, the Municipal Police in Prague 2 sanctioned 194 cyclists and scooters; from the beginning of this year to the 15th of September 1048 offenses were committed according to the Town Hall.

At the same time, the City of Prague 2 requests to terminate the memorandum on the Development of Shared Bicycle Services that establishes the red and green zones mentioned. Nevertheless, the repeal would also affect shared transport services such as Rekola, which provides pink bikes.

“We satisfy the requirements that we signed up for in the memorandum. Therefore, the service is available in limited traffic in Prague 2. We believe that we are right when the scooter service in Prague 2 works as it is now set up. We agree with Prague 2 in welcoming the clarification of this situation,” said Ondřej Široký, Operations Manager of Lime.

In addition to Lime and Rekola in Prague, Car4way and Revolt carsharing services also work. Since April, the Homeport company has entered the Prague market.

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