These 5 Cafés in Prague are Trying to Reduce Waste

Many catering facilities work ineffectively and non-ecologically. The overproduction of waste is a big problem that the Circular Economy Institute is trying to change. Cafés and restaurants turn out to be some of the main contributors to waste production, due to strict hygiene measures or financial advantage.

The Institute has launched the “Circular Café Project”, which focuses on the most basic aspects of running a cafe, and at the same time, makes it the easiest to work with. For these purposes, the so-called “Ten commandments of Circular Café” were created. The ten points that every Cafès should try to follow, include, for example, the reduction of use of disposable tableware, the use of coffee grounds or the reduction of wastewater.  Which each café should perform in order to obtain the status of a circular café.

The project is carried out in five cafes in Prague 7: Lajka, Letka, Alchymista, Vnitroblock and Cobra bar.

“We needed to start somewhere, and these cafes had themselves offered to start,” said Institute spokesman Ivan Hekerle.

The pilot project was launched last year in November and it will end in April. The main purpose now is to gather information and experiences, that will be used in the future. “At the end of the pilot phase, we will take into consideration the condition of the cafés, the shortcomings and we will examine the strength and the weakness of the project. We would also like to create a handbook of the “Circular Café” project, that we could offer to other businesses” adds Hekerle.

In addition to the “Circular Café” project, the Institute organizes many workshops and lectures to inform people about the theme.

The realization of these events is only possible due to the support of the Prague Services and the Prague 7 city district. “I would consider it a great success if other Cafés supported and perhaps took part in the project”, concludes Ondřej Kolínsky.

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