There’s a Snow Calamity in South Moravia

There's a Snow Calamity in South Moravia

Meteorologists’ warning of heavy snowfall has come true. It has been snowing heavily across the Czech Republic since early this morning, and the snowfall is complicating the situation, especially for drivers.

Heavy snowfall began on Thursday morning and will probably continue until Friday night. In the southeast of Moravia, up to 25 centimeters of new snowfall is expected.

“In many places, the roads are blocked by accidents, which fortunately have been without injuries so far, or without serious injuries. We have also recorded several accidents involving pedestrians. You too should be very careful. If you don’t have to, don’t leave the house. Drive very carefully,” said Bohumil Malášek, spokesman for the South Moravian Police Department.

Police have recorded over 50 accidents since this morning. The roads are blocked by stranded cars.

“Before seven o’clock in the morning, a total of 8 vehicles collided in the village of Dubičné in the České Budějovice region. After eight o’clock, two buses collided between the villages of Dvory and Horouty in the Prachatice region,” a police spokeswoman stated.

The road between Drnovice and Podomí in the Vyškov region is closed for trucks, while in the Breclav and Hodonín regions, road workers have warned of icy conditions.

In Brno, public transport buses and trolleybuses are having problems. For example, they are standing on the hill to Vinohrady.

The situation is bad also on the D1 motorway at km 190-241 and D2 at km 6.


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