There’s a New Bus Service Connecting Prague to Bohemian Forest

Data Autotrans, a local bus operator, is launching a new bus service. The company offers a direct connection from Prague to Šumava, or ‘Bohemian Forest’.

It is the only bus thus far to provide a direct connection to the scenic destination.

The journey will take passengers from Prague via Mirovice, Blatna, Horažďovice, Rabí, Sušici, Kašpersky Mountains, Kvilda, Modrava, Srní and on to Prášily.

It is a long-distance journey, and Data Autotrans reportedly wants to let the service run on Saturdays, Sundays, and on public holidays.

The bus leaves Prague at 8 am on Saturdays from Florenc station. At the Kašpersky Mountains stop and all of the stops beyond it, the bus service is only accessible by calling, ie by phone at least one hour in advance.

The bus returns back to Prague from Prášily at 5 pm, and at 5:30 pm on Sundays. Tickets are quite affordable, for example, a ticket from Prague to Kašpersky Mountains costs CZK 169.

For a better idea of what the schedule is like, you can find the full timetable here.

Data Autotrans returned to a more regular schedule of its service in March this year. The carrier was heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic since a large part of their business is oriented towards tourism.

Fortunately, the company is still running. Data Autotrans previously operated a line between Prague, Brno, and Bratislava.

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