There’s a New and Unique Tourist Route at Prague’s Clementinum

Prague City Tourism in cooperation with the National Library of the Czech Republic are launching a new route through the premises of Prague’s Clementinum, starting on 1 April.

The Baroque Tour can be taken exclusively with a qualified guide, giving tourists the chance to admire the unique building including the Baroque library.

This special tourist route, including the Astronomical Tower of the Clementinum, will thus join the eight monuments which Prague City Tourism is currently responsible.

The operators expect over 50,000 visitors to the Clementinum in the course of the year.

“The National Library of the CR is quite unique, not only in its services to readers and researchers, but also in terms of its historical location. I am delighted that it will open up to Prague tourists. The Baroque Library tour will surely be among the highlights of a visit to the Clementinum for both visitors and inhabitants of the city,” says Minister of Culture Martin Baxa.

Tomáš Foltýn, General Director of the National Library of the CR, notes: “The Clementinum is among the most important national cultural monuments, not just in Prague but in the Czech Republic as a whole. Yet it is not merely a silent witness to the cultural prestige of previous generations and the charm of Baroque architecture – it is a living space that promotes education and the intellectual evolution of European society.”

The tour takes about 50 minutes and starts at intervals of 30 to 60 minutes. As with the other towers which PCT manages, there will be an early-bird discount.

The Clementinum tourist route will also be included in the Prague Visitor Pass offer.

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