There's a New Public Refrigerator in Prague

The idea for the first public refrigerator in Prague came to Pavel Vodička, who placed it near coffee shop Na půl cesty in Prague’s Pankrác district. Prague’s public refrigerator will host food that may be taken by anyone: the homeless, students who wanted to eat after a party, or those who have forgotten to buy food.

Samsung has now installed a public fridge at the Kotlaska community center and garden in Prague 8. 

People can leave products that they do not use. For example, before going on a vacation or after the holidays, or just when there is extra food left. If someone wants to help they can also participate in filling the refrigerator with food. Food left in the refrigerator should not be opened, soiled or defaced, however, expired food may be left.

You can donate originally labeled foods before the date of consumption, yogurt, milk and cheese, fruit juices, fresh eggs and canned food. 

This concept is called “food sharing,” and similar projects have long been gaining popularity in the US and Europe. In Germany, the first public refrigerator was set up in Munster and soon after in other German and Austrian cities.  According to statistics, one-third of the world’s food products go to waste and are discarded. 

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