There is a Huge Shortage of IT Professionals in the Czech Republic

lack of IT professionals czechia

The Czech Republic currently lacks approximately 14,000 IT professionals.  

Altogether, the sector now employs over 316,000 people and about 79 percent of companies have difficulty finding suitable candidates when looking for new specialists.

This follows from the Coding Bootcamp Prague and Techloop survey.

The number of responses to IT advertisements is often many times lower than in other fields, and the representation of women in this sector is still minimal.

This is despite the fact a senior developer can earn up to 200,000 crowns a month. “There are several reasons why supply is many times higher than demand,” said Techloop co-founder Andrew Elliott.

“Above all, it is the low number of university graduates or the growing demand due to digitalisation.  “Another reason why the demand in this sector is so low may be the relatively demanding retraining for IT positions, ” he added.

The average salary offered for employment is 68,000, which is more than the CZSO average.  Junior positions are usually around 40,000, while seniors are CZK 80,000 gross.

According to data provided by Techloop, a freelancer can earn up to 40,000 more per month than if he were employed. This is one of the main reasons why some prefer this type of cooperation.

The amount of rewards for freelancers ranges on average from CZK 450 per hour to CZK 800 per hour.

The largest percentage of IT specialists is in Prague, followed by Brno, and then there is a significant gap between the second and third place, where Ostrava is located.

Most experts are located near the location of technology companies, which is especially evident in Prague and Brno.


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