There Are a Few Cars Parked on Charles Bridge

charles bridge cars protest

On Friday night, someone parked three cars on Charles Bridge. One of them has the inscription “sorryvlado” on the side, referring to the website

According to the domain registry, the site is registered by the Association of Outraged Citizens (Spolek rozhořčených občanů), which, according to the company registry, was founded by YouTuber Mike Pán.

“We do not agree with the papalism shown by the Czech government. We do not agree with the constant tightening of measures against citizens of the Czech Republic,” the website states.

The bridge is 515 meters long and 10 meters wide, decorated by a continuous alley of 30 baroque statues and statuary, erected around 1700.

However, all of the statues have been systematically replaced by replicas and the originals have been exhibited in the Lapidarium of the National Museum.

It was not until 1965 that all traffic has been excluded from the Charles Bridge since then, making it accessible by pedestrians only.

It is not yet clear how the car owners managed to drive unnoticed on the historical bridge.

Mikael Oganesjan, nicknamed Mike Pán, is known for deliberately committing offenses and insulting members of the city police.

In 2018, his account was canceled due to a violation of the YouTube rules.

charles bridge cars protest

charles bridge cars protest

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