There Are 200 Percent More Shared Offices in Prague Than Five Years Ago

Scott.Weber Workspace, the largest operator of flexible and shared offices (so-called coworking) in the metropolis recently opened premises in the Blox center in Dejvice.

Flexible offices currently make up 2.7 percent of the 3.75 million square meters of office space in Prague, and further growth is expected.

“Flexible shared offices are still primarily the domain of Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and some regional cities. For example, in London, but also in other western capitals, this share is several times higher, which indicates the potential for further growth of this segment in our country,” said an expert on the real estate market from the consulting company KPMG Pavel Dolák.

According to the consulting agency JLL, which publishes an analysis of the Prague real estate market every quarter, in the first quarter of the year there were 101,736 square meters of flexible offices in the capital, of which 93,700 square meters were in operation.

For another 8,000 meters, shared office operators have already signed leases but not yet started operations, according to JLL.

The most shared offices are in Prague 1 (32 percent), Prague 4 (17 percent) and Prague 5 (18 percent). In addition to Scott.Weber Workspace, there are other firms running such business, though they account for less of the market share: Spaces (14 percent), Regus (11 percent), HubHub and WeWork (six percent each) are the other largest providers.

“The Czech market is characterized by the fact that there are both global and local providers of these offices, but some owners or developers who also offer shared offices are also directly active,” said Dolák from KPMG.

By 2024, JLL expects to open five more shared office centers with a total area of 12,300 square meters. Of these, Scott.Weber Workspace is planning three, including The Park at Chodov in Prague 11.

“We had our sights set on the premises in building number three and we intend to make proper use of it. We are going to raise the bar for a modern working environment here again,” said Martin Bare from Scott.Weber Workspace.

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