The Year-on-Year Share of E-Shops on Retail Sales Increased by 3,4 %

In 2020 the turnover of products sold over the internet in the Czech Republic reached a value of 196 billion CZK, which is a total share of 16,2 % on the whole value of the retail sector.

The number of employees directly in e-shops hit almost 75 000 in the last year and the next 30 000 employees worked for the downstream service providers.

The number of e-shops grew by 6 % and reached the total number of 49 500 e-shops based on the data. The most used payment method was directly by card with over 46,5 % of users choosing this while e-shopping.

As some of the main advantages of e-shops, people have mostly mentioned time-saving, better prices, the availability to order from anywhere, and comfort delivery.

Electronics accounted for 37% of last year ́s total online amount, followed by cosmetics with 12%. Women spent more on the Internet than males, buying 60% of goods sold.

“We are seeing a growing trend in online shopping for clothing. Not only large fashion e-shops but also shops selling sports equipment are playing their role. Online food shopping is also increasing rapidly, which we believe will continue to grow”.

“We estimate that Czech e-commerce will grow in 2021 as well and that we will be overcoming the magical limit of 200 billion CZK in turnover,” says the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK) Executive Director Jan Vetyška.


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