The Revitalization of „Palmovka“ Square

The unsightly and neglected square at the Palmovka metro station is about to change. Prague 8 is preparing several projects to improve this part of Libeň district.

One of the most significant changes will be the sidewalk pavement in the area of the Palmovka intersection, which is being arranged by Prague 8. A notable change will be the removal of elevated concrete surfaces, making the square more open and the whole area clearer. It will be possible to cross it in all directions. There will also be wheelchair accessible modifications.

“The pavement of the area follows the transformation of Palmovka, which we started in the spring of this year. We want to turn the unused space into a high-quality urban place that will be a meeting point and will allow different cultural events or markets, for example,” says Tomáš Hřebík, Prague 8 Councilor of Strategic Development.

The pavement surface will be a mosaic with the same pattern as the new part of Na Žertvách street. The surface in the corners of the intersection will have grass to absorb rainwater and will require benches to sit. A cafe will be built in one of the corners.

It is not possible to plant full-grown trees in the area, as the ceiling of the metro station is just below the intersection. That’s why Prague 8 had UNIT architects designing a unique structure to allow them to hang climbing plants directly on the poles of the Prague Public Transport Company. These plants will add more foliage and will also be dismountable.

“Unsightly green areas will be replaced by modern greenery, which will cool the place and also contribute to the aesthetic aspect of the entire space,” adds Petr Pelc, Prague 8’s representative for the Palmovka area. Traffic signs will also change.

If everything goes well, renovations will take place next year. The project has to be financed by the municipality cooperating with Prague 8.

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