The Revitalization of Karlovo náměstí Continues

On April 23, 2019, Prague councillors approved the next step towards transforming Karlovo náměstí. The design proposal that won the competitive dialogue will be adjusted, a project committee will be formed, and a square management plan will be prepared. 

“It is a pleasure to build on the high-quality results of the competitive dialogue. Transforming Karlovo náměstí into a functional and pleasant space will not be an easy task. This is why it is very important to set up square management principles from the beginning and continue cooperating with all involved parties,” explained Petr Hlaváček, the Deputy Mayor of Prague responsible for territorial development and the land use plan.

Revitalization of Karlovo náměstí, which is a listed heritage site, represents a pilot project for Prague in many ways. The proposal includes the implementation of an integrated rainwater management system. An important prerequisite for the functioning of this entire area and related measures will be effective management.

The winning proposal foresees the transformation of the square as occurring in three stages. This will allow for a gradual transformation, beginning with minor modifications that can be achieved quickly, followed by major changes, which represent long-term objectives.

“Some of the measures affecting vegetation will already be implemented this year in order to save some of the dying trees,” said the Director of IPR, Ondřej Boháč.

Once the project documentation has been prepared, the overall revitalization of the park should take place in 2025. In the long-term vision to 2048 (which marks the 700th anniversary of Karlovo náměstí) the authors anticipate the gradual moderation of traffic to the extent where the entire eastern side of the square will be dedicated only to pedestrians and a promenade will be created.

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