The Postcard App by Česká Pošta. Do You Remember When You Last Sent a Postcard?

Do you remember when you last sent a postcard? For me it was last week when I was asked to send some to our relatives’ kids attending summer camp – they don’t use mobiles there. Luckily there was an app for that.

I first considered a visit to Lokál, where they have a selection of free postcards, that they’ll also post for free if you drop them in their mailbox. However, the cards are mostly beer-related and aren’t really suitable for kids. I definitely didn’t want to go to a shop and/or post office.

I found and downloaded the Pohlednice App by Česká pošta. The app is in English, lets you upload photos, write a message, add a map, address and send all for 29 Kč.

  1. After you choose ‘Create a Postcard’, you can choose the size
  2. Then you choose the layout.
  3. You can press the + button to upload a photo. You can also choose a border.
  4. Write the message and optionally include a map.
  5. After that, you can pay using a credit card. Confirmation is sent to your email address









So if you have kids at camp, elderly relatives without smartphones or just want to go a bit retro, Česká pošta has you covered.

More info here


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