Public Gatherings: Czech Police Will Only Inspect Organized Mass Events

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Police of the Czech Republic confirmed on their Twitter account on Tuesday that they would not control any type of meetings with the exception of mass events.

According to TV Nova, the Ministry of Health’s regulation on gatherings of at most two people only applies to organized mass events, whilst all other encounters are permitted. The police asserted that any deviation from this measure would constitute a violation of the pandemic law.

New health minister Petr Arenberger, who assumed office a week ago, announced on the weekend that inside and outside gatherings would be restricted to two people.

The regulation was approved by the government on Monday. However, as far as the police is concerned, it only applies to organized mass events.

According to the police, having a stroll with friends or a picnic is allowed. “The police are clear on the issue of gatherings of two persons, both in public and in private. The emergency measure of the Ministry of Health only binds restrictions to mass actions. The movement of people on the street, accidental and unorganized meetings cannot be covered by this measure”, was stated in their Twitter post.

The agency elaborated on the topic, claiming that police officers are not empowered to confine people in their right to exercise freedom of movement. “Neither the pandemic law nor the law on the protection of public health can regulate or restrict the free movement of people or their number. Thus, police officers cannot and will not orient their control activities in this direction”, the police added. 

Arenberger did not mention the specific types of gathering to which the regulation would apply. His argument rests on the issue of the delicate and complicated process of reopening schools.

This measure was approved. At the present time, when the pandemic situation is not yet optimal, it is necessary to think carefully and choose the option that ensures that children return to schools, stay there for a long time and study under the rotation system that is not repealed again”, the minister said at a press conference on Monday.

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