The New Residential Complex in Žižkov

Benthem Crouwel Architects has been announced as the winner of a competition to design a new residential district in Prague, presented in collaboration with local firm RA15.

The competition, organized by Penta Real Estate, saw 160 entries distilled down to 44, and then 5 finalists. In a unanimous verdict, the jury praised Benthem Crouwel’s decision to integrate a large, publically-accessible park into the project.

The new residential complex is located in Nádraží Žižkov area, situated between a former freight station with abandoned train tracks and a more urban, lively city landscape. The design strikes a balance between functionality, a human scale, and contact with nature, with the placement of apartment buildings at the edge of the plot creating a large open central park.

The park is open to residents and locals, serving as a communal space for people to connect, relax, and enjoy the outdoors, while also offering a biodiverse environment where local species and plants can thrive.

The modular efficiency and straightforward design principles allow for the creation of a verity of apartments in different sizes, accommodating a diverse set of residents. In the words of the architects, the scheme “offers its residents the best of both city and nature: highly functional apartments with optimal access to urban amenities, privacy within a community, and a lush, welcoming green park right at their doorstep.”

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