The Most Popular Sports in Prague

Prague is not only popular for its centralized beautiful location in Europe but is also well-known for its sporting activities. It is considered to epitomize the beauty of various sports in the city. The city’s heritage and popularity grow with the expansion in the versatility of the sports arena.

Prague’s geographical location has always kept it at the crossroads of European history but the innovative sporting spirits in the city are structuring its present and future in a new way. Besides that, sports betting is really popular in Prague, and multiple sporting events are being organized all across the country making it one of the most popular hubs for sports betting. When it comes to sports betting, SBO provides bettors accurate insights on multiple sporting events along with the analysis of betting companies and their offers. All of this allows individuals to make the most out of their bets. Keeping all this in mind we are here with the most popular sports that are played in the province so that you can choose the event that appeals to you the most.

Ice Hockey

Whether you wish to watch a game or play, ice hockey remains the most famous past-time yet an interesting option for the people in Prague. The most popular place for ice hockey in Prague is O2 Arena Stadium located in HC Slavia. The Czech Professional League and the O2 Extraliga have a great reputation across the world while many players representing their teams get promoted to play on elevated levels to play for teams like NHL in the US or Canada.

The season happens to start in mid-September and ends in April. The largest venue in Prague for playing ice hockey is the Tesla Arena. One can easily buy tickets online for the upcoming matches through the box office portal at the arena. The popular O2 Arena also directs significant matches, large-scale events, and rock concerts as well.

Popular Football Teams

The most popular name among the sporting group in Prague is needless to say – Sparta Praha Club. It is the Czech Republic’s best football team. The team specifically plays in the season from September to April, in a stadium called Letna Park. If you are a fan of football and you genuinely want to get the local experience of Prague, you must attend a match played in the Czech Gambrinus Liga.

This league is played from August to May and consists of sixteen clubs altogether. Each club plays thirty games on the weekends. Yet another good team is Slavia Praha, the tickets for which have a cost ranging from 100 CZK to around 400 CZK. The prices can vary depending on the internationally acclaimed match or not. The larger games sell out fast but for the local ones, the tickets can be purchased on the same day. Moreover, CEE Cup Football club is coming back to Prague this year as well.


Hiking can sound like an adventure sport for the ones traveling to Prague. But believe me, it is one of the most celebrated sports in the city. There are countless parks and reserves to be explored in the city, the best one being Divoka Sarka. It is one of the largest expanses on the outer limits of the city whose trails direct you to the cliff faces and hilly forests.

Better be ready with a structured map to monitor the trails. During the weekends in summer, the place transitions into a crowded procession of tourists and local families with dog walkers and strollers. The large park fills in an experience of equilibrium in the mind of visitors.


The city is justifiably too proud of its tennis players to have originated from their land in recent years. The National Tennis Center contests on the island of Stavince just beneath the popular Hlavkuv Bridge stage Grand Prix. Herein, you get to explore a wide selection of clubs and courts dotted around.

The best club as considered by many is the club Cesky Lawn Tennis offering fourteen outdoor and ten indoor courts. These clubs can be booked by the public all day during the weekends and till 3 pm on the weekdays.

Boat Hiring

Hiring a rowing boat or a pedalo on the river of Vltava offers you a unique view of the city. During the summertime, paddle boats offer thrill and family fun to visitors. The overall cost of these boats varies– paddle boats can be rented at CZK 150 hourly while other boats that are illuminated in the evenings cost around CZK 200 hourly. Such boats are available just near the National Theater based on Slovansky Island. The entire activity will give you a unique perspective of the Old Town and the Lesser Town. 

Final Words

The city has driven the city folks as well as the tourists with its structural sporting spirits. Not that the city welcomes too many leagues or tournaments, but it excites the enthusiastic spirits of every sports person by articulating new trends in its sports culture. Already sports has become one of the most evolving industries worldwide, and Prague is no exception.

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