The Most Frightening Place in Europe – the “Cemetery of Fools” in Bohnice

One of the most terrifying places in Europe is actually located here in Prague. Roughly translated as the “cemetery of fools”, the cemetery once belonged to the psychiatric hospital in Bohnice. The cemetery has not been functional for several decades, so it’s appearance and the energy that surrounds it is quite unnerving.

The cemetery was founded at the beginning of the 20th of century and it was functional for less than sixty years. It was built specifically for the burial of pathologically ill patients of the psychiatric hospital. The mysterious place with its strange aura was used between 1909 and 1963. Since then, the cemetery has become completely derelict, making it now one of the creepiest places to visit in Europe.

Originally, the cemetery was just for the children of patients, but after some time, adult patients were also buried here. Approximately 4300 patients were laid to rest in this cemetery. Among them are murderers, victims of suicide, and unfortunate children born to parents in the psychiatric hospital.

The tombs are not so obvious at first glance, only little hills covered with ivy. There are only a few graves with tombstones. The ivy is everywhere, crawling up the sides of all the trees, which really contributes to the creepy atmosphere.

This place is said to have the worst energy in our country. Electronic devices mysteriously lose charge here, and it feels as though there is an eternal winter on site. The most ominous atmosphere, however, is in the children’s section of the cemetery, where children born in the psychiatric hospital to pathologically ill patients were buried.

As well as patients of the hospital, there are also soldiers of the First World War laid to rest here. The fate of the buried individuals is extraordinarily bleak, which also forms this unsettling atmosphere.

Overly sensitive people are told to avoid this place. According to the locals, the dark energy in the cemetery can be a bit too much for people of a nervous disposition.

Author: Holly Webb

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