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the miners prague

The number of cases in the country is increasing, but Prague is not discouraged. The onset of Christmas distracts from worries: open fairs, with people in line for freshly cut Christmas trees or waiting around to buy tons of wrapping paper.

Food-wise, the local coffee shops are brimming with aromatic coffee, fresh pastries and self-roasted beans. But no in Prague one does innovative and specialty coffee drinks better than The Miners.

“Nothing is impossible” is the motto on their website. After talking with Egor (the main co-owner of The MINERS)one realizes that much is true. 

Egor opened his first coffee house when at age 19. It is still open, and any curious reader can find it at Tusarova 25. Once a newcomer to the coffe scene, now everyone knows The Miners as a successfully growing chain.

Prague Morning met with Egor in one of the coffee houses — Churchill (as the locals call it, all because the coffee shop is located in the business center of the same name). 

This coffee house feels special — a world of its own where various people indulge in their activities, surrounded by the delicious smells wafting from behind the register. 

Per Egor, the concept was to create the atmosphere of a metropolis. As such, everything was reminiscent of Manhattan. There’s a student girl, apparently from the medical faculty, she holds a huge bone in her hands and describes it, twisting it and she jots her observations in a notebook. 

There is a young guy, actively typing something on his MacBook and stomping his foot in time to his music in big headphones. Two men are sitting at a table next to each other, enthusiastically discussing something — only scraps of words like “startup”, “profit” and “concept” are heard from their conversation. Here customers are compelled to create, enjoy the atmosphere of freedom, feel life while drinking delicious fresh coffee.

The menu is also distinct in its own right, with this location serving brunch on weekends. The seasonal drinks — warming and unusual — are also sure to please. 

The Miners has their own roastery. Egor shared insider information, stating that this project will soon move to a new level: the room will be larger and clients will be able to watch the roasting process from the street.

the miners prague

“Miners Coffee is a cool product of high quality. Our clients are people from different countries with completely different cultural backgrounds, but they are all united by their love for our coffee. We make it simple and understandable and very tasty,” he explained.

On Saturday, a new coffee shop opened at Zelezná 13 in the very center of Prague next to Old Town Square. 

“I’ll tell you a secret, we are planning to open coffee shops in Barcelona, ​​Bratislava and in several other locations in Prague soon. We are clearly moving towards our goal to be a recognizable specialty chain of coffee houses in Europe,” said Egor.

Another thing customers can look forward to is the service opportunities. Baristas and other employees are given the opportunity to express themselves, carefully monitor their progress up the career ladder and constantly train.  They accept onto the team those for whom coffee and self-development is life.

the miners prague


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