The Mezipatra Queer Film Festival Returns to Prague

The Mezipatra queer film festival has returned to Prague to showcase Czech and foreign feature and short films and documentaries centered around LGBTQ+ issues.

The films will be about the lives of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people (LGBTQ+) and will remain in the capital until 11 November, before moving to Brno.

“This year’s Mezipatra represents a return to the big screen for us,” said festival director Pavel Bicek.

“Together with our audience, we want to celebrate the film, queer stories and, most importantly, the opportunity to be together.”

Visited by about 12,000 people each year, the films in the festival are apprised by a professional jury as a part of a prestigious international competition.

The festival is organized by non-profit organizations Mezipatra and STUD Brno and returns with much anticipation to cinemas after two years as last year it was held online.

Their mission is to provide the people of the Czech Republic with space for discovering the variety of sexual and gender issues.

They aim to not only broaden horizons but also offer a space for meetings and self-expression. Mezipatra helps people to understand their own identity and the meanings related to the word “queer”.

The word ‘queer’ is a label which encompasses everybody who finds the traditional gender roles too narrow, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Queer liberates from the traditional perception of sexual and gender identities based on the invariable categories of man/woman, heterosexual/homosexual.

Although the festival’s main part takes place in Prague and Brno, its echoes follow in selected towns across the Czech Republic.

The ticket costs 130 crowns, it is possible to buy it online and at the box office.

The organizers will check the confirmation of vaccination, negative test or past disease before the screening. After fulfilling the conditions, the spectators will receive a control tape, with which they will also get to the accompanying events.

It is necessary to have a respirator in cinemas and other indoor festival spaces.


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