The Main Changes in Covid Measures From September

On Monday, August 16, the Czech government has been continually announcing the first new Covid rules starting from September 2021.

What covid rules apply to the new school year and how many people will be allowed to sit in the restaurant? Here’s what we know about changes in Covid measures so far!


Mandatory testing: At the beginning of the school year, children have to undergo three rounds of antigen testing – on September 1 or 2, then on September 6 and 9. The testing duty applies to students of elementary and secondary schools. The children can get tested at school or at an official testing point and then deliver their test results to the school. The testing takes place in order to detect the virus among children after the summer holidays.

Quarantine: If the antigen test is positive, the child will be sent for a confirmatory PCR test. If it also comes out positive, only this student or his family will go to quarantine. In the last wave of testing (September 9), the entire class may end up in quarantine. The exception will only apply to the vaccinated children and those who have overcome Covid in the last 180 days.

Face masks: The rules for using nose and mouth protection remain the same as at the end of last school year. Wearing face masks is mandatory for everyone – children, pupils, students, employees, visitors – in shared school areas. However, children do not have to wear a mask in the classrooms, when consuming food and drink, or during exercise.


Preventive tests to remain free: With the worsening epidemiological situation in some European countries, the Ministry of Health has decided that the preventive coronavirus tests will remain free for everyone. Currently, a person may undergo two PCR tests and four antigen tests for coronavirus a month for free. Costs of the tests are covered by the public health insurance system.

Testing in companies: Mandatory testing in companies that was introduced in spring is not expected to be renewed this fall unless the coronavirus incidence rate is more than 75 new cases per 100,000 population in the past seven days.

Shops and services

Shops and services in the Czech Republic will not close if the pandemic worsens. According to the Czech Health Minister, the closure of services or shops is not expected even in the most pessimistic scenarios.

Restaurants and bars

The number of people at the table: From September, up to six people are able to be at the table in restaurants instead of the previous maximum of four.

Culture & sport

Mass events: From September, cultural and sports events can be filled up to 100 per cent of their capacity. In a crowd bigger than 3000 people, at least half of the capacity has to be either after vaccination or show proof of contracting Covid-19 in the last 180 days, the remaining part can provide only proof of a negative Covid test.

Galleries, museums, castles and zoo: The conditions for visits to zoos or galleries has loosened up as well, as the entire capacity is now able to be filled. However, the organizers still have the obligation to enable the visitors to keep at a 1.5-meter distance from each other.


Black countries: From September 1, the list of countries with an extreme risk of infection that has been marked in black is cancelled. The affected countries move to a dark red (very high risk) category. Vaccinated persons can continue to return without testing and quarantine.

Airport checks: Czech international airports will check all arriving passengers for whether they meet all conditions imposed by the Czech government as a part of the anti-coronavirus measures. This applies to completed Arrival Forms and other arrival conditions that are regulated by the Traveller’s map.

The third dose of the vaccine

Who is eligible: The government recommends revaccination with the third dose of the vaccine to people over 60 and at-risk groups (i.e. seniors, chronic patients, healthcare professionals, social workers and clients in residential social facilities). However, the vaccine will be available to anyone who is interested in it. The only condition is to have at least eight months after the completion of the vaccination.

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