The Long Hot summer Has Come to an End

After an unusually long summer, the autumn weather has finally arrived. According to the monthly forecast of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), this week in Prague, temperatures will be around 11 degree Celsius and it will even rain!

“After high temperatures and a long dry season, there will be a significant change in circulating conditions in Europe during the first week of predictions,” meteorologists say.

In the Czech Republic, the change is reflected in the swift transition from the above-average temperatures to temperatures that are a lot more typical of the turn of October and November.

“Temperatures will continue to decline in the second half of the forecast period, but we expect them to remain within the range of average values for this time of the year” the CHMI said.

Particularly this week, meteorologists have predicted more rain than usual. In the following three weeks, the amount of precipitation will be closer to the average.

The long-term average temperature for the period between October 22nd and November 18th is 5.2 degrees Celsius. The coldest average temperature for this season was in 1965 when it was 2 degrees Celsius in the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, the highest average was 8.2 degrees recorded by meteorologists five years ago.

The monthly outlook reflects the overall nature of the weather, however, and any spontaneous variations cannot be predicted, the CHMI points out. Meteorologists’ success rates sit at around 75 percent for temperatures and 65 percent for precipitation. Forecasts that are predicted three to four weeks in advance are often closer to the long-term climatic values for the relevant periods.

Author: Holly Webb

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