The Latest: Czech Republic has Lowest Increase in Six Weeks

The Czech Republic reported just 52 more cases of the coronavirus on Sunday, the smallest daily increase since March 14.

The country had 7,404 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Monday morning. So far 2,555 people have recovered and 221 people have died, only one more in the last 24 hours.

From Monday, April 27, shops of up the 2,500 m² will be allowed to reopen if they’re not located in large shopping centers, as well as gym and fitness centers, outdoor zoos and gardens, driving schools, libraries and church services of up to 15 people.

Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček (CSSD) during an interview to CT on Sunday evening believes that “from July, Czech tourists could visit Slovakia or Austria, or even earlier in case of favorable developments.”

“Regarding Italy, France, or the United States, it is premature to talk about traveling to these countries,” he added.

5,508 (out of the planned 27,000) people have been tested for the coronavirus antibodies to gain information on how many came into contact with the infection.

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