The Largest Retro Arcade in Central Europe is Situated in Prague 6

Retro Arcade prague

In mid-May, Prague’s Game World opened its new premises in Šestka shopping centre, located near the airport.

Retrogaming enthusiasts can look forward to more than 500 regularly changed games on over 200 gaming devices, ranging from consoles and computers to arcade machines and mobile phones.

The Gaming Museum is one of the few retrogaming arcades in the Czech Republic. It first opened for customers three years ago. Over 500 regularly changed games await visitors on more than 200 gaming devices, ranging from consoles and computers to arcade machines and mobile phones.

Families, technical enthusiasts, retrogamers and collectors will all enjoy a visit to the Gaming Museum.

The main attractions are newly added racing games for up to eight players and modern Japanese simulation games, such as Gundam POD, Metal Gear Arcade, or Half-Life 2: Survivor.

Visitors will not miss out on popular motorcycle race simulators and shooters of all kinds, either. The museum also sells gift vouchers and, when fully open, rents out the premises for staff parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties and social gatherings.

Šestka shopping centre is easily accessible by bus routes 191 and 119, which connect to the A underground line (Petřiny or Nádraží Veleslavín), or bus route 100, which goes to Zličín. Route 119 also provides a direct link from Šestka to the airport.

Those wishing to travel to the shopping centre by car will appreciate its closeness to the Prague Ring and ample free parking (1030 spaces). In addition, there is a Covid-19 test centre on the roof of the shopping centre.

However, a negative test result is not a requirement for entry; an FFP2 face mask is.

You can follow all the latest news about the events in the shopping centre on the website or on Facebook.

Retro Arcade prague

Retro Arcade prague

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