The Hottest October 13th Since 1791

Sunday was the warmest October 13th ever recorded at Prague’s Klementinum, the oldest Czech monitoring station. The temperature reached 23.3 degrees Celsius, a tenth of a degree more than 1791.

Seventeen monitoring stations in the Czech Republic exceeded 25 degrees Celsius.

Four other stations (Klatovy, České Budějovice-Rožnov, Tábor-Měšice, and Milešovka), set a new record in the last 100 years.

The hottest temperature was recorded in Neumětely (Central Bohemia) and Husinec (South Bohemia), with 26.4 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures may rise above 20 degrees at the beginning of next week, then cool down slightly.

The summer weather was typical of the western half of the country on Sunday as well as on Saturday, while in the highlands, Moravia and Silesia regions, they had a rather cold weekend due to fog and low clouds.

June 30th was the warmest day ever recorded at Prague’s Klementinum. The temperature reached 37.9 degrees Celsius, the highest since measurements began in 1775.



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