The Great “Slava’s Snowshow” Back to Prague in March

Snowshow is a theatrical masterpiece for families, lovers, and joy seekers easily understood by all around the world, resulting into thousands of happy human faces every night glowing on earth.

From the 1st to the 5th of March, the Hybernia Theater will be holding a hit of theatrical productions – Slava’s Snowshow.

A caravan of organized chaos, revelry, and enchantment that ceaselessly trundles around the world.

It offers everybody – young and old – an opportunity to leave their regulated lives at the theatre doors and enter a condition of delighted idiocy. We could say that Snowshow is just an excuse to celebrate life in a foolish way.

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The show is created by Russian performance artist and clown, Slava Polunin, who is 69-years-old, and still stages this legendary theatre piece across the globe, no matter what the season is.

“Clowning is a certain point of view on the world, an ability to see things in a way that differs from what people usually see,” he writes on his website“It is a great pleasure to collect joyful people who live and create things in this dimension. Once you start, you cannot stop.”

“My shows are successful because I do not perform them, I live them,” said Slava.

Slava’s Snowshow is a universal and timeless theatrical classic with more than 4000 performances seen by over 3 million spectators in more than 30 countries and 120 cities.

In New York, Snowshow has beaten off-Broadway records with over 1,000 performances at the Union Square Theatre.

About Slava Polunina

Legend of clowning and a true master of this art, the founder of the Academy of Fools and the creator of the famed Slava’s Snowshow – world’s most inspired and inspiring spectacle touring the planet since 1993.

For the past 40 years, Slava has crossed all frontiers with his ever-growing flock of“authentic fools”. He and his family have dedicated their lives to nurturing and expanding the art of foolishness – through never-ending playful practice.

As a result, with his tribe of very busy fools – Slava has reached out and touched the heart of millions of spectators around the globe, and there is no end in sight.


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