The Future of Architecture in Prague: Smíchov City, Kavčí Hory Park and Victoria Palace

Prague will see new concrete additions in the coming years. The “Prague: Next” exhibition—which visitors could see in the Mánes Exhibition Hall—revealed the architecture’s direction of individual city districts.

The exhibition, organized by Czech Architecture Week Prague, presented over 190 present and future visions of urban development in the Czech capital. Visitors had the opportunity to see a number of models of buildings and look under the lid of the preparation of magnificent buildings. At the same time, the exhibition charted the development of Prague from 1918 to 1938.

Residence U Milosrdných

  • Location: U Milosrdnych, Prague 1
  • Architect: Fránek architects s.r.o.
  • Realization: 2020-2021

The building of the apartment house U Milosrdných seeks to respect the historical center of Prague, and its architecture is inspired by textiles and fabrics. This inspiration is also evident in details such as the undulating and serrated facade.

Smíchov City

  • Location: Smíchovské nádraží, Prague 5
  • Architects: A69 architects, Cuba and Pilar architects, Haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050, Chalub architects, Labus – AA – Architectural studio + IGLODO, D3A, Projectile Architects
  • Realization: 2019-2020

Smíchov City will be a modern multifunctional district that will be built in the area of the former freight station Praha-Smíchov (on an area of 20 hectares). It will provide housing for approximately 3,300 inhabitants. A number of shops, restaurants, and offices will be built on-site, providing facilities for 9,000 jobs.

Smichov City

Victoria Palace

  • Location: Vítězné náměstí, Prague 6
  • Architect: Jakub Ciger architects
  • Realization: 2019-2020

Victoria Palace will be a unique apartment building that will grow up between the streets of Jugoslávských partyzánů and Verdunská. According to the project, the building interconnects contemporary modern architecture with the historical intention of the palace neoclassical look of the Victory Square from the 20th century by the renowned architect professor Antonín Engel.

Victoria Palace in Prague 6

Residence Palata

  • Location: Holečkova, Prague 5
  • Architect: Ing. Jan Šesták
  • Realization: 2019

In an attractive location under Strahov is a residential project, which will provide a quiet living next to the Kinsky garden. The name of the project reflects the history of the place where the former homestead Dolní Palata used to stand. The project will be built on the site of the historic building U Modrého Zvonu.

Green Point

  • Location: Mozartova, Prague 5
  • Architect: AHK architekti, s.r.o.
  • Realization: 2017-2019

The GREEN POINT office building is growing near Mozartova and Plzeňská streets. The building will offer nine aboveground and three underground floors. The building will be equipped with modern technologies and at the same time reflect the requirements for ecological sustainability.

Green Point at Andel

New Town Hall Prague 12

  • Location: Generála Šišky, Prague 12
  • Architect: LOXIA a.s.
  • Realization: Under construction

Prague 12 will soon be one of the most modern city halls in the capital. The architects also focused on making the building look timeless, combining three basic elements. The first is cubes that are lined up along the street and delimit the entire area. The main facade is oriented to the west, from where visitors of the office will flow. Finally, the illuminated pillared facade with a clock will define the entire town hall.

Park Kavčí Hory

  • Location: Kavčí hory, Prague 4
  • Architect: Josef Pleskot
  • Realization: in preparation

A modern park will be built on the site of the unused brownfield, which will offer Prague citizens a place to relax with plenty of greenery. The winning design by Josef Pleskot came from competition under the auspices of the Czech Chamber of Architects.

Park Kavčí Hory
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