The Future Czech Government Wants to Return to Václav Havel’s Values

Everything is pointing to the establishment of a fourth center-right government in the Visegrad Group following the recent parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic.

The SPOLU coalition received the most votes and is comprised of the right-wing Civic Democratic Party (ODS), the Christian Democrat-People’s Party union KDU-CSL, and the liberal-conservative TOP 09.

Even though a new government has not yet been formed, and the coalition agreement between SPOLU and the second election block (PirSTAN) has not yet been signed, the future ruling camp is being put under constant pressure by the liberal-left environments and media.

They are demanding one thing: that Petr Fiala’s government decisively cut themselves away from Poland and Hungary’s policies and even distance themselves from the V4, separate itself from Andrej Babis’ legacy (and therefore cease referring to the concept of national interest in foreign policy), and change its approach towards the EU’s migration policy.

According to Ondřej Kolář from TOP 09, the Czech Republic will seek to implement a foreign policy based on Vaclav Havel’s values, accentuating human rights and civil society, and active membership in the EU and NATO. There are plans to revise relations with Russia and China.

Similar opinions can even be heard from SPOLU politicians such as Ondřej Benešík, who represents the KDU. Benešík is of the opinion that Czechs have played the role of useful idiots in the V4 by fighting for Hungary’s interests, and that such policy should come to an end.

Petr Fiala’s position on this subject will be key, as he will most likely be the future PM of the Czech Republic.

For now, and in the case of all the matters that have been mentioned, he resembles a sphinx: he is maintaining mysterious silence. This means that the time to reveal all the cards has not yet come – but it will have to happen sooner or later.


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