The First Bus From Prague to Germany

This morning, the first bus to Dresden and Berlin left Prague with 13 people aboard, mostly foreigners. It is the first renewed connection after the travel ban due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ban on international bus and rail connections has been in force in the Czech Republic since March 14. Earlier last week, the government decided to re-authorize international traffic from May 11.

The first RegioJet bus left Prague to Berlin today at 8.30 am, with a stop in Dresden.

RegioJet plans to return the bus to Prague already today and should leave Berlin in the late afternoon. So far, 20 passengcers have booked the trip. RegioJet plans to renew another bus line from Brno to Vienna. It should start on Monday.

Other bus transport providers have not yet specified when they intend to reopen their foreign transport services, with the lifting of restrictions abroad playing a key role in the decision.

Leo Express is also ready to renew its routes to Poland and Slovakia if passengers are interested. At the moment, they regularly run only selected train connections on the routes Prague – Stare Mesto – Prague and Bohumin – Prague – Bohumin until 31 May 2020 inclusive.

As of Monday, April 27, the rules for crossing state borders have been changed. EU citizens arriving in the Czech Republic for business purposes and university students from EU countries may now come to the Czech Republic.

Czech citizens are able to travel abroad, however, on their return they must submit to  14 days’ quarantine or provide a test with a negative Covid-19 result.

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