The Entire Czech Republic Is Experiencing a Flu Epidemic

The Czech Republic registers a growing flu epidemic, with 1,865 infected people for every 100,000 citizens, the country’s chief sanitary officer said on Friday, adding that the death toll had reached 12.

“According to the State Healthcare Institute, the influenza epidemic has spread across the entire republic. In general, influenza A virus is predominant. For every 100,000 citizens, there are 1,865 confirmed cases, mostly children and elderly people. Twelve people have already died from flu-related complications. In comparison with last week’s figures, the number of cases increased by almost a third,” Eva Gottvaldova told reporters.

The health official advised those who would feel flu symptoms to stay home to curb the infection spread.

She also recommended that fellow citizens avoid public places, observe hygiene practices and eat more food rich in vitamins.

According to the Czech health service, flu has recently hit most European countries. Influenza A is predominant, but influenza subtypes a/H1N1pdm, A/H3N2 and B/Viktoria are also circulating. The seasonal flu in France, meanwhile, has claimed 22 lives since November, official figures showed on Wednesday.

The flu epidemic in European countries comes amid the China coronavirus outbreak, which has spread to over 20 countries and prompted the World Health Organization to declare a global emergency.

What is the Flu and How Can We Prevent It?

The flu is considered to be an acute feverish illness that quickly spreads through the human population. It is caused by a constantly changing virus. Each year, approximately one in ten people suffer from this illness. We recommend consuming vitamins, fruits, and vegetables. Maintain basic hygiene habits, wash your hands often and use disposable tissues whenever possible. The only reliable form of prevention is vaccination.

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