The Dark Side of Prague

Prague is one of the world’s safest metropolises. Still, here we find places we prefer to avoid in the evening.

We are lucky that our capital city is a relatively quiet and safe place compared to other world cities. So safe that it could be hard to imagine any monsters, or local gangsters lurking on street corners. However, it would be incredibly naive of us to imagine that they aren’t there at all. 

Like many of our readers, you may not personally come from Prague. Our personal feelings in regard to how we feel about the city may not be the best or wisest navigating method. It is important to showcase the best of Prague whilst being cautious and flagging up any areas we may feel are likely to be less safe or higher in crime than others.  We are not saying the areas should be completely avoided but rather that after a certain to exercise caution.

Centre of Prague

A night walk through the centre of Prague at a certain point can have the blood pumping in your veins.  Whether it’s the upper part of Wenceslas Square, Sherwood at Hlavák or some streets of the Old and New Towns – Bartolomějská, Benediktská or Krakovská. These three streets together with the Smíchov district, according to the crime map, have the highest crime rates in Prague. Since the beginning of the year, over two hundred crimes have taken place – from burglaries to pocket theft.

Hvězda College Halls 

Just with any university accommodation, there are creepy stories about men who overwhelm solo walking students in the nearby area. To add to the horror, there is also the issue of the famous exhibitionist. So whilst security measures for students are still to be improved if in the area it is probably best to avoid it if alone. 

Na Knížecí 

At Na Knížecí bus station, near Anděl,  it’s easy to find yourself spending a lot of time thereafter a delayed bus. It could easily be described as the Prague underground as the smell of dirt, garbage,  and sights of used syringes and women trying to sell you a great brand perfume or ointment for cheap. Its a place where prostitutes, homeless people, and addicts can be easily sighted.  

Folimanka Park and the Nuselský Bridge

Park Folimanka, which is near Albert’s, does not seem to be dangerous at first glance. Over the day it’s a beautiful, playful place full of greenery, adorable children on the pitch, dogs flying behind a tennis court. But during the late hours, it can paint a very different picture. Especially the area in Nusle, it might have to do with its association with the infamous past and the story of numerous suicides that adds to its creepy atmosphere. 


The last place on the list is all the way is in Prague 10- Vršovice. This district is characterised by a relatively high number of criminal acts since the beginning of the year – (196). The classic thing here is car theft or total theft. So, if you are looking for an ideal parking space, try to take it outside of Vršovice. In addition, there are two great football stadiums – Slavic Eden and “Bohemka”.  Which if travelling on a game day you just may be me with drunken fans. 

Many neighbourhoods in Prague are filled with bad stereotypes, which they do not always deserve. A beautiful example is Žižkov in Prague, which is often said not to be nice to look at. Its crime rate (30.2) is, however, much lower than in Vinohrady (66.9), which, on the contrary, is sometimes charted as one of the most beautiful parts of the city to live.

In any case, however, certain safety rules must be observed. And common sense to be exercised. Do not wait for yourself at an empty stop. Always try to find the ideal connection and stop at the stop just before the tram or bus arrives. If you are transported by taxi or Uber, ask the driver to leave only if he/she is sure that you have entered safely into the door of the house. These are little things that can save you some unpleasant moments. 

Author: Lilato Madiri

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