The Czech Republic, Land of Pleasure

Names as Oldřich Widman and Martin Stiborek are not the best known among the Czech Republic, even though they are some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the pornographic industry worldwide.

Yet when you say the name of Robert Rosenberg, almost everybody will know who you are talking about. The Czech Republic became a “porno paradise” just shortly after the Velvet Revolution, and this status has lasted for more than a decade.

Despite possessing slightly over 10.5 million inhabitants (about 0.14% of the world population), the Czech Republic is the third nation in the world in the number of porn stars behind only the United States and Russia. In fact, 12.88% of the world total of adult film stars comes from Bohemia and Moravia. According to one estimate, there are 70.7 porn actors and actresses for every million inhabitants.

The centrality of the geographical position helps production companies to find actors and actresses from neighboring states, also taking advantage of the free movement of people and workers within the European Union. Specifically, Prague is the destination of many performers from Hungary, a country that in the 1990s represented the Eldorado of producers of hardcore porn content, but today suffers from structural and technological gaps compared to the Czech Republic.

The European Empire

Oldřich Widman, boss of Dream Entertainment, claims that at the beginning of the millennium hundreds of porn movies were filmed every year, including foreign producers. Prague was a European empire for staff that mainly came from the United States, as the capital offered them cheaper work environments.

Moreover, he says that girls from all over the Czech Republic and neighboring countries, mainly from Slovakia and Hungary, were brought here, and in addition to its own production he also imported and dubbed foreign pornography. However, with the arrival of the Internet and cheap content most traditional players have ended up and only the largest have survived.

The Internet has changed the world and with porn, there was no exception. With its arrival, new businessmen’s like Martin Stiborek appeared, owner of Netlook, a company that runs the famous Freefoto and Freevideo servers and one of the most important in our country.

The Czech Republic and Prague, in particular, are registered on the imaginary porno map of the world thanks to the fact that the apparently inconspicuous company WGCZ is located here, actual owner of

This is the second online platform of pornographic content in the world, the 46th most visited website and provider capable, on a monthly basis, of reaching an average audience of 350 million users (well over the total population of the USA, to make a comparison). Only a year ago, then, the company acquired control of the famous erotic magazine Penthouse, for a sum of 11.2 million dollars. Behind the discretion of this company based near Wenceslas Square, therefore, lies the indiscreet business by definition: pornography.

The WGCZ is co-owned by the French twins Stephane Michael Pacaud and Malorie Deborah Pacaud, and another important person in this structure is the Prague-born, Robert William Seifert. Together they own the globally successful production company DDF Network, shooting with some of the biggest stars in the pornographic industry nowadays.


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