The Czech Republic is Ready to Accept Refugees from Ukraine, Fiala Announced

ukraine refugees czechia

The Czech Republic is ready for all scenarios that could arise in connection with the tensions in Ukraine. The country is ready to take in refugees if the current situation was to boil over into a conflict, said Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) on Monday.

“We must be prepared for the escalation of the conflict and for a possible wave of migration. We have done everything to count on all possible scenarios, including pessimistic ones. However, I believe that the situation will be resolved peacefully,” Fiala said.

“We have already supported Ukraine by sending artillery shells. In the near future, we are ready to respond to any requests from the Ukrainian side if the situation will deteriorate,” he clarified.

The Slovak government has already prepared three strategic documents. One of these is the so-called migration plan. Although it is currently not public, the Minister of Defence Jaroslav Naď said that all Ukrainians who arrive in the country would receive refugee status.

“Protection of the external border of the Schengen area is a common priority for us. If the Slovak side is interested in, the Czech Republic and the Czech police are certainly ready,” Czech Interior Minister Vít Rakušan (STAN, EPP) said on Tuesday, speaking alongside his Slovak counterpart Roman Mikulec (OĽaNO, EPP).

Rakušan added that he did not want to frighten the public, but if the conflict escalates, they must “address the situation together from the very first second”.

The Czech embassy offices in Kyiv and Lviv will continue to operate.

On Saturday, the ministry announced the withdrawal of the diplomat’s family members from the country. The ministry also recommended to Czechs who are in Ukraine to leave the country. Over 20 workers will remain at the embassy, roughly 30 at the Consulate General in Lviv.

The Security Council meeting was held in reaction to information from the United States, sent to its NATO allies, that Russia may be planning an attack to commence on Wednesday.

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