The Castle Pub & Restaurant: Not Only for Tourists

Located just under the stairs leading to the Prague Castle, The Castle Pub & Restaurant is a local restaurant serving a variety of dishes to satisfy everyone’s palate.

The menu ranges from traditional Czech dishes to more international dishes such as fillet steak and mushroom risotto. When asked the three best dishes the owner would recommend a customer to order, he had to ponder upon his answer because there is so much to choose from! He finally came out with the top three; the steak tartare, the pork knee and the golden duck breasts. He also added that the pork knee is the most ordered item on the menu, as it is a dish that’s most striking and definitely interesting to people unfamiliar with the Czech cuisine.

If you’re searching for a place to eat a hearty and delicious breakfast, look no further! From 8 to 12 am the restaurant offers a marvel of different breakfast dishes to satisfy any morning cravings. They offer a ‘continental breakfast’ which consists of the classic breakfast foods; ham, cheddar homemade marmalade, butter with either a croissant or toast. Additionally, they have scrambled eggs, eggs benedict or an omelette that is available to be cooked with a sortiment of other ingredients that you can choose from. Most importantly, they also offer English Breakfast, French Toast and for those searching for a lighter meal, they also have what they call a ‘Healthy Breakfast’, with homemade müsli and fruit.

They now also offer a daily special menu consisting of the soup of the day and three main dishes. The complete menu as a whole is reorganized every three to four months, so there’s almost always something new to look forward to trying. If you have a sweet tooth they have special medieval pancakes which are fluffy butter pancakes served with grilled apples, pecan nuts, raisins, and maple syrup. However, of course, they also have regular ice cream to cool you off on a hot day. Last but not least, for vegetarians, the restaurant may seem questionable, however, the menu is very flexible and upon request, dishes are available to be altered to not include meat.

Now, for those of you waiting for the ‘pub’ part of the restaurant; they have Guinness and a selection of Czech beers on tap, so it’s very easy to try specialty beers you’ve never had before. They also have a very impressive variety of wines, one of the most significant being the Austrian wine, Grüner Veltliner Per Due, which is made out of Austria’s signature grape. The drink menu offers over a hundred different drinks from subtle cocktails to liquor or any kind, perfect for a Friday after work gets together with coworkers.

The interior of the restaurant is mostly wooden, making it a very cozy space to relax in at any time of the day. In the summer, the stone white walls keep the inside temperature lower than outside, and in the winter they have a fireplace that helps keep the customers warm while they sit and enjoy their mulled wine. Downstairs, there’s a small room that’s available to rent out (space for around 45 people) and can be used for sports streaming or live music.

Overall, The Castle Pub & Restaurant is a lovely place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal for prices that are lower than in surrounding restaurants. All staff speaks English, are very friendly and are ready to help you with anything you’d need. That’s enough from us, now it’s time for you to go check it out for yourselves!

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